Church of God has a hundred plus years of history. In 1886 this Church was called as Lord’s Church. In 1920 the name Church of God was officially incorporated in United States of America. Rev. J.H. Ingram and Rev. Robert F. Cook were the American missionaries who started Church of God work in India. Church of God has its history in Tamil Nadu since 1936. Rev. M. Benjamin was the first Overseer of the Church of God (Full Gospel) in India, Tamil Nadu. Rev. J. Navamony had been the State Overseer for 13 years since 1973. Rev. P. Wellesly Solomon took charge as Overseer 1986 till the year of 2009. Church of god grew stronger and stronger that it has about 280 churches all over the Tamil Nadu. Rev. G. Gnanadhas is the present State Overseer.